Bella Juicer

What is a cold press juicer?

The premium Bella juicer, NutriPro, is an example of a cold press juice machine. There are no blades to heat up, create loud noise, or damage cell walls in the fruits and vegetables being juiced. Cold pressing is also sometimes called "slow" juicing, but in a power juicer such as the NutriPro, the extra time is minimal. Cold pressed juice has more vitamins and live enzymes per ounce than juice with the pulp left in (smoothies) or juice produced in a centrifugal juicer.

In the cold press process, an auger squeezes more juice from the produce than in other types of juice extractors. The separated pulp is drier. Less moisture in the pulp means more in the glass! Cold pressing is an optimal process for juicing wheatgrass and getting the maximum "power green" benefit. Wheatgrass is so powerful that only a small amount is required with all the other ingredients. It's simple to grow at home, so your wheatgrass will always be fresh and full of nutrients.