Bella Juicer

What is a Bella Juicer?

Bella is a registered trademark of Sensio, Inc., a Canadian company based in Montréal, Québec, and founded in 2003. Sensio launched the El Paso Quesadilla Maker and later the Rocket blender and rotating Belgian waffler. Today, Bella manufactures many different kitchen appliances from deep fryers to coffee makers to juicers.

Turning fruits and vegetables into juice is an easy and delicious way to consume the vital nutrients these foods provide. Most Americans do not eat enough fresh produce, but they would drink fresh juice if given the opportunity. Fashionable juice restaurants have sprouted up to fill this need, but this can be inconvenient and expensive. Preparing fresh juices at home using a juice machine is becoming a popular avenue to better health and weight loss.

Bella has several juicer models, ranging in price for every budget. The less-expensive machines are centrifugal juicers with rotating blades, which are a little noisy and produce heat from friction. For this reason, Bella developed a cold press juicer as their premium model.

The top-of-the-line NutriPro juicer is marketed in partnership with Lifetime Products Group and demonstrated on direct response television. This Bella juicer uses advanced cold press technology, which has certain advantages over centrifugal juicers. It is still a juice extractor (as opposed to a blender-type appliance, which does not separate the juice from the pulp) but it lacks the spinning blades which create friction and oxidation, enemies of the vitamins and enzymes in raw vegetables. Cold pressing is considered a slower process, but with a powerful machine like the NutriPro, it really can't be called "slow."

The NutriPro juicer can also make delicious nut butters and sorbet, as well as soy and almond milk. It is quieter than centrifugal juicers and its removable parts are dishwasher safe. The NutriPro has a five year warranty and a sixty-day money back guarantee.